28-09-2019 Changelog

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28-09-2019 Changelog

Post#1 » Sat Sep 28, 2019 1:05 pm

Dear Knights,

Following today's restart, here are the main updates:

1. LMS event added in game also in schedule.
2. CSW is activated and added to schedule.
3. Steel balls item is added into game.
4. 2000 buff 350ac scrolls added into game, it will be available in PUS and vote point system soon (it will be announced).
5. Isiloon added into hell abyss.
6. Selfname quest is updated, now you need 3k skulls (12 will of war) and 5 steel balls.
7. Messenger of chaos mobs added into bifrost zone (they're also available in LMS), they drops steel balls.
8. Some extra events added into schedule such as BDW & FT (it will be updated more)
9. 10 KC voucher is added to game, it will be added as a reward for fortune key, collection race etc.
10. Overall server maintenance.


Sevgili Şövalyeler,

Bugün uygulanan restart ile yapılan güncellemeler:

1. LMS eventi oyuna ve takvime eklendi.
2. CSW oyuna ve takvime eklendi.
2. Steel balls oyuna eklendi.
3. 2000 buff ve 350ac scrolları oyuna eklendi, yakında PUS ve vote point sistemi üzerinden aktif olacak (duyurusu yapılacak).
5. Isiloon hell abyss'e eklendi.
6. Selfname görevi güncellendi, görev için 3bin adet skull (12 adet will of war) ve 5 steel balls gerekli.
7. Messenger of chaos yaratığı bifrosta eklendi (ayrıca LMS'de de aktif) ve drobu steel balls.
8. BDW & FT gibi ekstra ekstra eventler oyuna eklendi (daha sonra tekrar güncellenecek).
9. 10 KC voucher oyuna eklendi, fortune key, collection race gibi event ödüllerine eklenecek.
10. Genel server bakımı.

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