Diagnose and maximise your connection with WTFast

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Diagnose and maximise your connection with WTFast

Post#1 » Fri Jan 13, 2017 11:50 pm


I'm playing here for 6 months. As some players, I had some connection problems few month ago when the servers was moved to Netherlands.

I'm sharing this because this tools helped me a lot to reduce the lags ingame but also it can help you to find where is the problem (your pc, your box/connection...)

1.- Dowload the client here and create an account, you will receive 20 day free trial.
2.- Once your account is created, log in and follow the guide below :

1.- Launch the game then wait 2-5 minutes
2.- You can see your connection statistics like the exemple below


This picures shows 3 importants things :

    The ping spikes (most of my problems come from that)
    Ping average
    Lost packets

The traceroute help to check if the problem is coming from your box or somewhere else.

I'm kind of new on this so if you want to add/correct something you are welcome !

Specials Thanks to Steveo

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